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Mission Statement

It is the mission of Legacy Bank of Florida (Legacy Bank), its directors and officers to be South Florida’s premier community bank, providing an array of products and services that will satisfy the needs of the community, while providing a level of service that exceeds that of other institutions. Legacy Bank takes pride in being an active participant in the South Florida community through the efforts of its directors, officers and employees. The Bank will be operated in such a way as to ensure compliance with all applicable banking regulation and law as well as ensuring maximum shareholder value.


  • Become a key player in the local market.  Develop and provide an array of competitive products across multiple lines of business.


  • Attract the most qualified employees.  Retain those employees through development, encouragement and empowerment.

  • Make everyone an owner.  Every employee will be encouraged to purchase stock and share in the company’s growth and success.  If employees understand that they have a personal stake in the success of the company, they are apt to become more involved, dedicated and harder working.


  • Building shareholder value.  Management will strive to grow earnings and share price to increase shareholder value.

  • Strive to provide the ultimate in customer service by adopting the principal that we will “Do it right the first time.”  Give employees the training and power to make on-the-spot decisions for the betterment of the customer, the company and the community.


  • Decisions will be made promptly.  Employees and Board Members alike will be empowered to make the best decisions as quickly as possible, but without detriment to the customer or company.

  • Create and maintain a strong infrastructure.  Specialized areas such as Compliance, BSA/AML, or IT departments, attribute vital concentration to the ever-changing banking environment.


  • Lines of communication must always remain open.  Any employee, regardless of position, must have the freedom and ability to ask questions of any department, and respondents must answer accordingly.

  • Build comprehensive long-term customers by employing relationship management techniques.  Employees and Board Members alike will also be encouraged to introduce past and present business contacts to the Bank. 


  • Directors will be active and informed.  Attendance will be mandatory and participation will be strongly encouraged at all Board Meetings and related gatherings.  Directors will also be encouraged to expand their knowledge through internal training, outside retreats, and local educational opportunities.

  • Will address the needs of the community.  Branches and staff will become active participants in the communities they serve, addressing not only banking needs, but philanthropic and personal needs as well.