Legacy Bank of Florida 4 star Bauer rating

Largest Independent Bank
in Palm Beach and Broward Counties
Over $600 million in assets

Named 2015 Established Small Business of the Year

by the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce


FDIC Insurance

Deposit Insurance Limits


As of July 21, 2010, the standard maximum deposit insurance provided by the FDIC was permanently increased to $250,000 per depositor, per insured depository institution for each account ownership category.


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NOTICE: By federal law, as of 1/1/2013, funds in a noninterest-bearing transaction account (including an IOLTA/IOLA) will no longer receive unlimited deposit insurance coverage, but will be FDIC-insured to the legal maximum of $250,000 for each ownership category.


For more information visit: https://www.fdic.gov/news/news/financial/2012/fil12045.html


Insuring Your Deposits


The FDIC offers a free Electronic Deposit Insurance Estimator which will allow you to calculate insurance coverage on your deposit accounts at each FDIC-insured bank.


For more information, visit www.fdic.gov/edie.