Legacy Bank of Florida 4 star Bauer rating

Largest Independent Bank
in Palm Beach and Broward Counties
Over $600 million in assets

Named 2015 Established Small Business of the Year

by the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce


Legacy Business Connection

Conveniently conduct your daily commercial banking activities.  With Legacy Business Connection, you have the flexibility of secure, 24/7 cash management with real-time transaction inquiries, check image capability and unlimited internal transfers.  Security is provided through the use of SSL (Secured Socket Layer) and 128-bit encryption and there is no software requirement.


Additional modules available with Legacy Business Connection include:


Wire Transfers


Online wire transfer conveniently provides a list of all your pre-defined wire transfers or a blank template associated with your corporate accounts.


Stop Payments


Online stop payments provide you the ability to issue and research stop payments, and the capability to obtain a complete list of all stop payments on all your business accounts.


ACH Services


Save time and ease the volume of paper transactions by creating electronic ACH files.  Now you can create and transmit ACH credits and debits from your Legacy Bank account.  Use this service for:


  • Direct deposit of your employee payroll
  • Direct debit of recurring payments such as dues or fees
  • Collection of funds from multiple accounts at other financial institutions


Additionally, with Legacy Business Connection, you have the ability to export and view current day and historical transactions on all your business accounts.  Use flexible administrative options to set up employees, assign individual security access for newly established employees, control employee access to transfer and payment templates, and establish days and times employees can gain access to Legacy Business Connection.


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